Gilman Springs RC Flyers

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How to join the Club

To join the Gilman Springs RC Flyers Club, a person must be sponsored by one of our current members. If a candidate does not know anyone in our club, he or she is advised to come to the field on a few weekends and "hang out" with members who are there. After making friends with one of our members, and letting him get to know you well enough to vouch for you, ask him to sponsor you. After getting a Sponsor, you and he need to fill out an Application and turn it in to the Club President. After receipt of your completed Application, you and your Sponsor must attend one of our meetings where your Sponsor will introduce you and you will say a few words about yourself. Attendees will then be given the opportunity to "vote you in". After being "voted in", you can then join the club.

Adult Member (19 years old and above) One-time $50 Initiation Fee & $75 Annual Dues.
Adult Member Application Form

Junior Member (Under 19 years old) No Initiation Fee. $15 Annual Dues.
Junior Member Application Form