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There are no Club 40 Pylon Races scheduled at this time.

The Rules and Requirements are governed by the  RCPRO Club 40 Commitee, and detailed info is provided at the RCPRO Web Site.

Club 40 Pylon Race Equipment Requirements are as follows (from RCPRO info):
        Airplane Requirements
        Engine Requirements
        Rules for Airplanes

Club 40 Pylon Races are flown on a two-pylon course, with the two pylons spaced 400ft. apart. Each pilot pays an entree fee and the top three winners receive cash prizes. See the Club 40 Pylon Race Procedures here.

A well attended Club 40 Pylon Race was held at our Flying Field on August  6, 2011, with 14 Race Pilots participating. See the Race Report here.

The next Club 40 Pylon Race to be held at the Gilman Springs RC Flyers Field has not been scheduled at this time.

If you have further questions regarding Gilman Springs RC Flyers Club 40 Pylon Races, email Bob Estrella or phone him at (951) 928-2070.
Also, email Bob if you have a Club 40 Pylon Racer and intend to participate in our Races. He will put you on his Club 40 Pylon Race Email Distribution List.